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Our project focuses on educating children and young people on the consequences of crime. This informed choice encourages them to understand their own responsibilities and embrace recreational and vocational activities as positive diversionary alternatives. Through engagement, those who recognise they have issues have the opportunity of further support. This support can include working on any problems and improving self-esteem and well-being.

We  conduct regulated curative work of people who have been affected by crime, in order to develop themselves and others. These beneficiaries of mostly victims and reformed offenders combine to form the CELLS team, working together and offering inclusion and purpose through our itsup2u initiative. They combine together, improving mental health and developing skills and work experience, in turn reducing re-offending in their communities.

CELLS ideas are not just a tokenistic attempt at tackling crime, but a strategic plan that addresses high priority social concerns, delivered by a professional organisation and partners with proven methods.

Our project is a truly beneficiary led organisation, the combination of children and young people benefiting from experience of the teams negative pasts to inspire their positive futures, reciprocating the children and young people, provide CELLS senior beneficiaries with a much needed opportunity to give something back and gain work experience, skills and personal gratification and well-being in doing so. This ethos is brought to life at our events, which take part at community venues throughout the North West. Words, statistics and feedback that are read as part of a report cannot adequately encapsulate the experience that our team brings to each programme.

We are located in Centre 63 in Kirkby, Merseyside which is a Church of England Youth Centre that aims to meet young people's needs and wants across the whole area of benefit.

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Some comments from Service Users

"CELLS changed my life when I thought all was lost." - John, Ex-offender

"It is not often you get such a constructed piece of work whereby ex-offenders want to put something back into society in such a way as CELLS Project works. It is hard hitting and needs to be to divert young people away from crime." - Constable Robert Pritchard QPM

"CELLS Project has taught our pupils more in one day than I have in my entire teaching career. Many, many thanks. God bless and continue your fantastic work." - S Sullivan Head of RE A. Beck

"The workshop taught me a lot everyone was fantastic, thank you I really enjoyed today." - Anna, 13 year old student

"The programme has improved my attitude because I now fully understand the punishments and consequences of crime." - Scott, 12 year old student

"They've told some interesting and shocking stories that persuade you to stay out of crime." - Luke, 14 year old student

"Today has changed the person I want to be, I never realised that this could change me so much on how I look at choices." - Tom, 14 year old student

Our Supporters, Partners and Funders
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