E.P.I.C is an initiative that

Educates, Prevents, Inspires and Changes.


Everyone deserves to understand the consequences of their actions, anti social behaviour and crime are no different in that children and young people need to understand they are responsible to the law and must face the consequences of any actions or criminal activity they undertake. If we can give them this understanding and show therm how crime has effected us, they then have an informed choice on where there lives head.





Through our awareness sessions we have had the fortune to change the attitudes of 98% of our 24000+ Young people evaluated, with this intervention we have prevented many youngsters from becoming or continuing to be involved in crime having delivered the sessions to over 90,000 Young People.

We have learned from this intervention that you can't just expect youngsters to stop behaving in a way or doing things that may lead to trouble, the same team that helped them understand where crime leads inspire the youngsters to participate in positive alternative and diversionary activities. 

We have a network of partner agencies and supporters that offer resources and help for youngsters in order for them to access alternative activities, supported learning, qualifications and employment opportunity. 

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CELLS Project CIC is a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales Company No 8145104

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