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Some people think CELLS is just about a group of people who go out and scare kids about crime, this couldn't be further from the truth. Our awareness sessions are more educational than anything . We understand that you can not just take something away from youngsters, it is due to this we try and offer introduction into positive activities and personal development. We also reduce re-offending by helping people to progress into work experience and vocational qualifications. Some other myths about CELLS are rectified below:






Are my children too young for CELLS Programmes?

CELLS delivers sessions to primary school children from all backgrounds, what enables us to ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to is we tailor make the programmes with the help of the host service user ie the school head or teacher who in turn relays the delivery to parents and carers.

We ensure all materials and delivery is age relevant, however we do feel that all children should be aware of where crime can lead.


What is the cost of CELLS?

Currently CELLS has funding to deliver sessions in the Merseyside area, surrounding areas please contact us for possibility of funded or private sessions and any costs.




Are sessions all the same?

It is very rare that we deliver the same session to different groups, what we do when a booking is placed is we research area issues and need and plan the events and delivery content accordingly, this research is undertook with the host service users input. 




Is CELLS just an impact day session?

CELLS deliver all kinds of bespoke programmes that are delivered according to participants need, we always continue dialogue with service users to ensure effect of our initial delivery is sustainable.



Do CELLS just offer crime awareness programmes?

It is the primary objective of CELLS to provide children and young people with an informed choice, we have many resources which enable us to do this, including our prison experience and workshops, information boards, presentations and interactive learning groups. However thr most important thing we have is the CELLS team, this consist of rehabilitated ex-offenders, current inmates on ROTLS and victims of crime and abuse. It is imperative that we show our value to these people by empowering them through their own personal development and ensurting they continue on their journey to their own goals.  We also help people who have been affected by crime in any way we can even if they dont wish to participate in our awareness sessions.

Not found an answer to your question? Contact us here and we will answer your question as soon as we can!

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