What people think of CELLS children, young people teachers parents carers and professional views.

October 16, 2014

Children  and Young people

“ I now understand what joint enterprise is”

 “I enjoyed learning about peoples experiences and learning new things which could happen in the future.”

“I really enjoyed todays experiences and I learned a lot about crime.”

“I enjoyed the prison workshop most because I got to hear from people who had experienced it.”

“ I understand that I should be responsible and sensible”

“its brave the way you tell stories about your own life”

“ I really enjoyed the workshops and am glad people took time to tell us about their past”

 “ it has changed my attitude quite a lot”

 “we would need to know some time ( joint enterprise)

 “thanks, thanks, thanks ,thanks, thanks”

 “ I know now what drugs and alcohol can do to a person”


Young adults in college

“The speeches were informative about the prison cells, they shared their own experiences about prison life”  

“The people speaking were quite informative and gave a dynamic look into it”  

“Everything was explained and put across clearly. I thought they were brave talking about past experiences and talking about family problems”  

 “ I enjoyed the joint enterprise workshop as it made me aware of how vulnerable everyone can be”  

“Spoke about her son and me realise how hard it is”  

 “ Gained a good understanding from someone who knows”  


Teachers, Police and other professionals who have used our service

“ The presentation and workshops have strengthened the message we try to deliver to our pupils every day”

“Very hard hitting and reflective “

“ Seeing the bigger picture and real life consequences may make them think twice”  

“ Very informative and hard hitting”  

“Excellent presentation and great Q&A session”

“ Gained a better understanding of a variety of crimes and the effects it has on individuals and families”  

“ Hard hitting but very informative”

“Attendees were able to discuss their own experiences and also listen to the experiences of CELLS staff”

“This is the most Comprehensive programme I have had on crime, arrest, jail, conviction, prison life, just to mention a few. I strongly recommend Cells project to come back to our school to redo this presentation as a whole school project. With the kind of experience and knowledge I had today, our students lives would be positively changed from now on. Thank you very much for coming.”

“After 44 years of freedom I am delighted to have experienced HMP Turnaround. Even now I am more determined to still do the right thing and live life on life’s terms. I have never experienced a more frightening ½ hour in my life, knowing I am only a decision away from being in prison cell for 24/7. The right one being freedom, I am very impressed with all the facilities and the staff were very helpful.”

“It helped me to understand how people survive in prison and what its really like. I liked to listen to the real stories and how drugs get brought in.

“I liked today it helped me understand the life styles that they have lived and I understood everything the staff were telling us.”

“It helped me understand what it would be like to go to prison and it is good for the younger children.”

 “I have been teaching in our school for nearly 40 years. Today’s experience has so humbled me. CELLS project has taught our pupils more in one day than I have in all my teaching career. Many, many thanks. God Bless and continue your fantastic work.”


Parents and carers

“Good to see the look on my sons face when the lads where telling us about life inside. Excellent idea, should have been done years ago! Good luck to the lads who have volunteered their time. I hope they turn their lives around.”

 “Very hard hitting and effective from a parents point of view”

“They will have a better understanding of the consequences of crime and that they are responsible for their own choices “

“It is very good for young children to see and feel what it’s like to go in prison it may stop them from going to prison in the future.”

“This is a fantastic service. I think it will be extremely beneficial to everyone who experiences it. I wish the two young men all the best for their future. Keep their chins up and realise what a wonderful difference they are making to the world.”

Was happy with the experience of going into see the Cells – as my little lads dads in jail it gave them an insight into how it is – what a great idea for the young kids to help them understand.



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October 20, 2014

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